It's our 20th anniverasry!!!


April 6th - Sit Stay Speak - Sally Michener CM RCA

May 14th 7pm - Career Survey - Jeannie Mah 

June 5th 7pm - Side by Side - Amy Klinkhamer & Dauma Stirbyte 

July 9th 7pm - Rocks In My Head - Carol Rossman

July 16th 7pm -  Pride Show  - Pansy Ass Ceramics 

August 6th 7pm - A Matter of Clay V - Repeats and the Occassional Pot II

September 3rd 7pm - Kayo O'Young & Diane Nasr

October 9th 7pm - New Works -  Kim Atlin

October 9th 7pm - Macabre - Jacqui Gallant

November 19th 7pm - Introducing Painter Ko Bhamra

December 10th 7pm - Holiday Shopping Night